How to come back from a gym break

  With Labor Day in the books, I figured it might be a good time to touch upon the subject of fresh starts. Let’s assume you took

Principles- you have to have them!

This newsletter was meant to go out last week, but the timing seemed off. So, we missed the anniversary of the gentleman in the picture. Who is

How to ensure a great workout!

Today I was finishing up training and I was contemplating: what makes a great workout? It struck me that there are a few components to it: 1.

We all sabotage ourselves!

Hello again,I had a weird encounter this past Sunday. As I was getting my post workout carbs at a frozen yogurt store (no judgment please), one of

What motivates you?

Why train? Well, why do anything? Transforming your body makes as much sense as throwing balls into a basket or climbing Mt. Everest. You do it because