This newsletter was meant to go out last week, but the timing seemed off. So, we missed the anniversary of the gentleman in the picture. Who is

How to ensure a great workout!

Today I was finishing up training and I was contemplating: what makes a great workout? It struck me that there are a few components to it: 1.

We all sabotage ourselves!

Hello again,I had a weird encounter this past Sunday. As I was getting my post workout carbs at a frozen yogurt store (no judgment please), one of

What motivates you?

Why train? Well, why do anything? Transforming your body makes as much sense as throwing balls into a basket or climbing Mt. Everest. You do it because

Is the world coming to an end?

Warning: This has been a tough week for me, both at the macro and micro level. Between the constant attacks, pointless violence, and the passing of a

The evolution of a coach

As I am sitting waiting for my flight to come in from Paris after watching the worlds greatest game for a week with my brother and Dad,