The story of Guil!

Hello, as much as I like to talk about myself, there are times when I leave the floor to more deserving individuals. So today we shall cover

Principles- you have to have them!

This newsletter was meant to go out last week, but the timing seemed off. So, we missed the anniversary of the gentleman in the picture. Who is

What is the proper range of motion?

What is the proper range of motion? Speaking very generally, full range of motion works best. But there are a few things to consider. There is only

The boring stuff works

Due to actual events, today’s newsletter will build on last weeks (clever, I know). Last week I shared with you what I learned in 25 (sigh) years

The power of Porsche!

Hello, Recently, I have been working with a few clients here in NYC that suffered from muscular imbalances making it hard to grow a certain muscle or

Which exercises to do first?

When building a workout, we were always told to first perform the multi-joint, compound movements such as squats, presses, and deadlifts. And there is a certain logic