Not even I have all the answers!

Contrary to common belief, not even I have all the answers when it comes to fitness / training / diet. The reason being that most often is

Be like Croatia!

Yes, this will be another soccer related newsletter so the 5% of the worlds population that do not watch the World Cup will just have to live with it.

You have been Scammed!

While being on a mini vacation I took a trip down memory lane and read some books about stock market frauds, namely Enron, Valeant and Theranos All

The dangers of social media!

As I get older and my clients in my personal training business in NYC get younger, I am forced to look into their reality, mainly social media

Genetics- how much do they matter?

This is one of the most often asked questions: How much do genetics matter? The answer is..It depends. If you want to be a top level athlete of any sport,