What really matters for muscle growth!

Progressive overload or tension – which one matters more for growth? I know you were all expecting a thoughtful Christmas email, but this newsletter deals with improving

What to focus on when training- PIT!

Hello everyone, Someone much smarter than me once said: “the most important muscle is between the ears.” In other worlds, if you want gains you need to

The Thanksgiving Cycle!

The Thanksgiving cycle With the holidays upon us here is what tends to happen. 1. Weather turns bad, people lose the motivation to workout. 2. The Thanksgiving

Be zen for greater gains!

              Hello everyone, Today we shall talk about mindfulness! No, I have not switched over into the yoga cam; this newsletter

The story of Guil!

Hello, as much as I like to talk about myself, there are times when I leave the floor to more deserving individuals. So today we shall cover

Principles- you have to have them!

This newsletter was meant to go out last week, but the timing seemed off. So, we missed the anniversary of the gentleman in the picture. Who is

What is the proper range of motion?

What is the proper range of motion? Speaking very generally, full range of motion works best. But there are a few things to consider. There is only

The boring stuff works

Due to actual events, today’s newsletter will build on last weeks (clever, I know). Last week I shared with you what I learned in 25 (sigh) years