Fat loss the facts!

If you ask anyone which is THE number one topic in the fitness industry, without a doubt, the answer is FAT LOSS. There are fat loss workouts,

How many carbs do you need?

Great question, often posed to me by my NYC personal training clients  and the answer is: it depends. Carbs are a non essential nutrient, so you need

When carbs strike back!

For a very long time, carbs have been demonized in the fitness world – they make you fat, cause insulin raises, cause bloating, hold water, etc. Want

Which carb sources fight hunger best?

I hope everyone’s election hang over or celebration has now settled down and you can focus on what really matters: getting jacked! Todays topic are carbs and

How to choose supplements!

This is not the first time I write about this topic, but since it keeps coming up here are few pointers. Supplements can be divided in three

What makes a good protein powder?

Protein powders are probably the most sold supplements and for a good reason. They offer a very affordable and convenient way to get in extra protein, especially

Why BCAAs are a waste of money!

There are many myths surrounding protein intake. The most common being that it is impossible for your body to “absorb” more than 30 grams of protein in

Obesity- why is it still a problem?

By now, one would think obesity has been eliminated, since it is virtually impossible to look into the paper or turn the TV on without reading or