The Ultimate

Nutrition Tool Kit!

Just in time for the Holidays, You can have all the tools our most successful clients use to stay lean during the Season.

Here's what you get in The Ultimate Nutrition Tool Kit!


Our Proprietary Macro Calculator

This tool will create custom meal plans, shopping lists and more – all based on your food preferences and fitness goals.


The Portion Control Guide.

Enjoy dining out this holiday season and by using The Portion Control Guide, you can still reach all your fat loss goals.


Cooking with Protein Powder

Get all the protein you need and enjoy delicious shakes and snacks in the process.


Travel Guide

No matter if it’s travel for work, going on vacation or visiting family for the Holidays, the Travel Guide will allow you to maintain your physique, stress free.


Fat Loss With Fast Food

If you’re on the go and have no options other than fast food, we’ve got you covered. The Fat Loss With Fast Food Guide gives you a list of the best meals for maintaining (or even improving) your 3D physique at over 30 fast food restaurants.

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Grab The Ultimate Nutrition Tool kit Now Before Time Runs Out!

Normally, you'd have to invest over $300 to get this collection of resources...or be a private client at Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training, but you can get this during this Holiday Special for just $39.

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