Achieve Your Body Goals with the Best Personal Trainer in NYC

Being the best personal trainer in NYC, Maik Wiedenbach is here to train you physically and virtually. Hence, you need not worry about the lockdown due to a pandemic. There is no way that he suggests you consume unsafe medications, weird diets, and unwanted supplements. Instead, he prefers recommending the regime based on scientific facts to look and feel good.

Maik is a professor at NYU, two-time World Cup and Olympic level swimmer, Olympian, and Musclemania Champion. He has garnered thousands of fans, subscribers, and followers through his official social media account. Besides this, Maik shares many workout videos and fitness tips from his gym in NYC through his account.


The $100 fee will be deducted from your plan


Below are the programs that we serve our clients with.

  • Online Personal Training
  • Muscle Building
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Special Female Fitness Training
  • Custom Training for Enhancing Sports Strength and Performance


Utilizing My Knowledge and Expertise to Help You Accomplish the Body Goals

Before becoming a full-time personal trainer in NYC, I was an athlete for the last 25 years. I also have won the world cup twice in swimming, two-timer musclemania champion, and an Olympian. I am not here to prove how fit I am, but I would want to tell you that I have tried almost every nutritional and available training technique. Thanks to this, as I have learned a lot by committing ample mistakes.

That being said, I can guarantee that you will witness quick and long-lasting changes in your physique. I ensure to use all my knowledge and experience to help you guys. All that I need is your commitment and trust.

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Here Is How We Help You Obtain the Body Transformation Results

The journey of your fitness transition program begins with a fitness evaluation and body screening. Firstly, we will be asking you many questions regarding your eating habits, medical history, lifestyle, profession, and much more. It will help us know about your present fitness level.

Then, moving on to the next step, we will be looking at the goals you have planned for your body. This is done to be able to design the fitness program as per your capabilities.

After that, we comprehensively evaluate your present physical condition, look at the muscle imbalances and possible injuries. It will allow us to define, discover, and achieve your fitness achievements in the shortest period.

If you are anywhere soon planning to take up our online fitness training program, then this is who we will begin. Our experts will provide you with a question list and design your personal training based on your responses. After this, we will sketch up a training plan for you together with a diet schedule.


Where Do We Train?

Once you join us, you can get complete access to our Midtown Manhattan-based health club/training facility. It is very much planned to fulfill all your requirements. The personal trainer in NYC will conduct your training sessions. These will last for an hour and make you feel like you have accomplished something instead of feeling beaten up.

In the end, your success is our success. There is nothing better for us than a happy and transformed client.


Kieran and his Body Transformation

Look at Kieran and his transformation

Nick and his Body Transformation

Look at Nick and his transformation

Jason and his Body Transformation

Look at Jason and his transformation

What I bring to the table

Musclemania Champion

Looking for an athlete, personal trainer NYC? Check! Hall of Fame at Fordham university, Musclemania champion, World Cup Athlete.

Published Author

A published author? Check ! 3 books and counting, 100s of articles published anywhere from Forbes magazine, LA Times, Muscle and Fitness etc.

Fitness Academy

An accredited academic? Check! Teaches Undergrad Classes at NYU? So isn’t it time you treat yourself to the best physique you can have?

Why are we different?
Why Are We the Best When It Comes to Choosing The Personal Trainer in NYC?

We have talked about why you should contact us for assistance and help.

  1. Have a Fantastic Resume

The best trainer should have both academic qualifications and athletic experience. Any trainer with these two qualities is an ideal professional who can be chosen by you for fitness training. However, we know that isn’t much possible, but it is important to set some standards when we talk about the best coach. Someone who has had an athletic experience will be able to relate in a much nicer way and understand their clients’ dietary struggles. Experience & knowledge in combination are important, and we have both of them.

  1. Promise Guaranteed Results

Well, this very obvious for every service provider. But what matters is the methods that you use for achieving the results. Whether are there any drugs being used, or is there harsh dieting? If yes, then we would tell you that this is not at all sustainable and worthy. Instead, you will end up messing up with yourself. With the help of our everyday experience, we can say that a good coach is the one who knows it all. He/she should assess the change and keep a check if things are not working properly. To get good results, a personal trainer in NYC, a coach should prefer twisting the workout with sensible things and guarantee changes.

  1. Focus on Educating the Client

A coach ensures to educate the clients properly so that they can know where to apply certain things. They would do the tasks properly, only if they know its benefits. A good coach keeps their clients at first. No one ever wishes to know how you build your body or what you did in the past to accomplish body goals until there’s something that’s going to help the client. Coaching is about developing the individual, not sharing stories.

  1. Share the Experience Gladly

The dollars or social media likes never woo the successful one; instead, they prefer educating people about nutrition and fitness. Our approach is to be an influential contributor on the online forums by providing free material to a wide base of people, including non-paying customers. Our Youtube account has 100 videos that are watched every day by 1000s of people, and the same goes for our Facebook page.