How to grow a muscle!

How to grow a muscle When people fail to make progress, it is seldom for lack of effort. Instead, it is usually because said effort is wasted.

I found the magic pill!

  See this before and after guy? We did this in two weekswhile eating cake because I unlocked… STOP!! Let him talk “This is not my transformation

In defense of the Smith machine!

Welcome back everyone!   The smith machine is often being looked down upon or straight up dismissed by most trainees. However, it is actually a quite valid training tool if

What really matters for muscle growth!

Progressive overload or tension – which one matters more for growth? I know you were all expecting a thoughtful Christmas email, but this newsletter deals with improving

What to focus on when training- PIT!

Hello everyone, Someone much smarter than me once said: “the most important muscle is between the ears.” In other worlds, if you want gains you need to

The Thanksgiving Cycle!

The Thanksgiving cycle With the holidays upon us here is what tends to happen. 1. Weather turns bad, people lose the motivation to workout. 2. The Thanksgiving