How to Build your Best Body in 2019!

1. Keep showing up. That is about 95% of your success. As long as you follow a reasonable plan with a 90% accuracy, you will make improvements.

Just keep showing up!

  Showing up As a NYC personal trainer, I talked about this before but I want to use a very impressive example from the group ; David

What to do when you are injured!

I got the above question from one of my followers who is suffering through a spinal injury and can not train for an extended period of time.

When Science Goes Wrong!

My eternal foe Gretchen Reynolds delivers again…This time quoting a study stating that after a two week break from exercising the athlete will have a complete performance

Not even I have all the answers!

Contrary to common belief, not even I have all the answers when it comes to fitness / training / diet. The reason being that most often is