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Reaching Your Muscle Building & Fat Loss Goals?

Since you are interested in transforming your body, I wanted to invite you to a short call to see if we can help you rapidly accelerate your progress and ensure you reach your goals.

When we work together, just a few of the ways we can help you see results faster are…

  • Design a specific training program around you, your goals and the equipment you have available.
  • Develop a nutrition plan custom tailored to help you lose fat and become more muscular.
  • Provide personal coaching to troubleshoot any issues or challenges you encounter and keep you on track.
  • Recommend the best supplements to support your progress.

And much more!

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Our clients at Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training pay a minimum of $200 per session for personal training, but as a member of our online community you can reserve a Coaching Call at no cost.

On the call, we’ll look at your current training & nutrition, discuss your goals and explore if we can help you achieve them, and talk about next steps to help you turn your muscle building & fat loss vision into results.

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