Brown fat- the fat burning fat!

The fitness world is no different than high alpinism in the sense that it is filled with mystical creatures nobody has ever really seen. Anavar, Superdrol and

Fat- the misunderstood nutrient

  Fat is being seen as either the cure for all diseases or the cause of all diseases? As usually, it is neither. Should you eat fat?

When Science Goes Wrong!

My eternal foe Gretchen Reynolds delivers again…This time quoting a study stating that after a two week break from exercising the athlete will have a complete performance

Not even I have all the answers!

Contrary to common belief, not even I have all the answers when it comes to fitness / training / diet. The reason being that most often is

Be like Croatia!

Yes, this will be another soccer related newsletter so the 5% of the worlds population that do not watch the World Cup will just have to live with it.

You have been Scammed!

While being on a mini vacation I took a trip down memory lane and read some books about stock market frauds, namely Enron, Valeant and Theranos All