You have been Scammed!

While being on a mini vacation I took a trip down memory lane and read some books about stock market frauds, namely Enron, Valeant and Theranos All

Food as such….

I took in a new client yesterday ( against my better judgement since we are REALLY booked) but he is just a really cool guy. As I

Inflammation -is it the root of all evil?

These days you are being bombarded with anti- inflammatory foods/drinks/ supplements so I figured it might be worth putting my two cents in. What is inflammation? Basically, it

Be like Norway!

The Winter Olympics just came to a close and the country of Norway outperformed the rest of the world in the medal count (at least Germany came

In defense of the Smith machine!

Welcome back everyone!   The smith machine is often being looked down upon or straight up dismissed by most trainees. However, it is actually a quite valid training tool if

What to focus on when training- PIT!

Hello everyone, Someone much smarter than me once said: “the most important muscle is between the ears.” In other worlds, if you want gains you need to

The Thanksgiving Cycle!

The Thanksgiving cycle With the holidays upon us here is what tends to happen. 1. Weather turns bad, people lose the motivation to workout. 2. The Thanksgiving