4.0 star rating 4/2/2017
I met Maik Wiedenbach when I saw his facebook post and decided to go and see him. I can say Maik Widenbach is very professional and dedicated to help his clients to reach the goals. The great thing about him, he comes down to the level of the client and sets a program very customized for the individual goals. I learnt a lot from him about the importance of going high volume reps which I was missing in my earlier workouts. He is truly inspirational and definetely he is among the one of the best trainers in NY.
He has definetely improved my self confidence.


one of the best

5.0 star rating 4/2/2017
*I had been training for 24 years before I met Maik.
Maik Wiedenbach is by far the smartest, most gifted, and most perceptive NYC personal trainer I have ever worked with. After 25 years of bad training , I had ruined my shoulder rotator cuffs and my knees. Mike functions for me as both a physical therapist, and a bodybuilding instructor. I receive challenging workouts, but never have I hurt myself with any of his workouts. Through Maik, I have rebuilt my shoulders and knees and now live without pain medications. I can finally have a pain free nights sleep. I owe Maik a lot and highly recommend him.
John Watson

Truly great !

*“(Actor, featured in “ Wolf of Wall Street”) Straight and to the point, no nonsense just great information to help you transform your body. Stop wasting your time with fads and ineffective routines, get 101 Fitness Myths!”

Nenad Z
Nenad Z

*“Maik’s book is the real deal. The principles outlined in 101 Fitness Myths helped me transform my body to the point where I was actually featured on a major fitness website.”

Jimmy S.
Jimmy S.

*“Just got the best compliment at the gym this morning, one of my friends came up to me and said you are looking amazing what are you doing different, you look full and cut. I told her I’ve been working with Maik Wiedenbach, a trainer down in Manhattan. She said well whatever he’s telling you, keep doing cause it’s working!”

Donna Hall
Donna Hall

*“A bodybuilding PhD for next to nothing! Save yourself years of trial and error, get the book and get in shape.”

Nicolai H
Nicolai H

*Maik, I can not thank you enough for all that you have done for me. You really have made my dreams come true. You have given me so much self confidence. Thank you. I am excited to continue working and achieving new goals!

Isaac G.
Isaac G.

*“Not only do Maik and his team provide a fantastic workout, but they equip you with the knowledge and diet to maximize those workouts. I have seen amazing results with no gimmicks, just hard work and discipline. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get in shape.”

Brian Hewson

*“Maik and his team are amazing! I’ve never met anyone with such deep understanding of muscle physiology. I came in with a passive shoulder injury that I’ve been dealing with for years. In just three months not only I could feel my back and shoulders getting stronger, but I could feel the individual muscles in isolation. Their classes, instructions and knowledge gave me super confidence in continuing my fitness journey – even on my own! Give Maik’s team a try and you’d be glad you did.”

Sandosh Vasudevan


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Maik Wiedenbach