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Why are we different? I mean there is no shortage of trainers in NYC.

Simple. We care. Your success is our success. The better you look, the better we do, it is that simple. As a personal training company in NYC, our main objective is to achieve the best results for you. In order to dose, we follow the Hedgehog Rule. We do one thing, and one thing only. Make people look and feel great. Nothing else. We do not promise the moon nor do we revert to gimmicks.

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Our Fitness Training Programs

We offer the following programs:

  • Weight loss
  • Online personal training
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Muscle building
  • Special training for improving sports performance and strength
  • Specialized female fitness training

Use My Experience to Achieve the Physique you Deserve 

Being an athlete for 25 years, I was an Olympian, two times world cup athlete in swimming and a two times musclemania champion before becoming a personal trainer in NYC. Now this is not to state how great I am but that I have tried every training and nutritional strategy there is and made plenty of mistakes along the way.

That said, I can save you 20 years of trying and cut right through the fog to get you where you want to be in the shortest amount of time possible. All I ask for is your trust and commitment!

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Here Is How We Achieve your Fitness Transformation

Your fitness transformation with us starts with a screening and a fitness assessment. At first, we’ll ask you several questions about your lifestyle, diet, occupation and medical history to know the current level of your fitness.

As a next step, we will look into your fitness goals and design the program around them as well as taking your capabilities into account.

Afterwards, we thoroughly analyze your current physique, looking for muscular imbalances as well as potential injuries. This will help us in identifying, setting and achieving your fitness milestones in the smallest span of time.

If you are an online personal training client, we hand you a questionnaire and formulate your personal training depending on your answers. From there on we can draw up a training outline for you along with a nutritional plan.


Where do you train?

You will have access to our own training facility/health club in Midtown Manhattan, which is fully equipped to your needs. Training sessions last about one hour will leave you with a feeling of being accomplished but not beat up.

In the end, your success is our success. There is no better ad than a transformed and happy client! 


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Look at Nick and his transformation

Look at Jason and his transformation

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Why Train With Us:

  • Complimentary comprehensive fitness assessment of your needs and abilities before starting training.
  • Undivided one-on-one attention and guidance of a trainer who is a two times musclemania champion, Olympian and professor at NYU.
  • Personalized assistance in identifying, setting and achieving fitness goals. Your coaches are available 24/7/ for you.
  • Workout and diet programs that fit your lifestyle and goals, be it fat loss or muscle gain.
  • Changes in the workout as you progress in terms of strength and endurance.
  • Special weight loss programs without medication and unhealthy supplements.
  • Specialized online fitness training if you are traveling. Most people living in NYC/ Manhattan have very busy schedules so we accommodate.
  • Weekly workout tips, videos and insights from Maik.
Personal Training NYC
Personal Trainer NYC

Meet the Professor - Personal Trainer NYC

Everything is done by science in order to achieve measurable success. Being a full service company we integrate your away workouts and nutritional plan into the program to ensure maximum success. Book your free evaluation now.

Of course results matter! Every single personal training company in NYC and the whole wide world will tell you the same thing.

Great Maik. So why would I train with you guys as my personal trainer in NYC?
Good point.

Here is what we will NOT do

  • 1. Scream at you. Sorry, the drill sergeant thing only on “The Biggest Loser” and even there it does not really work.
  • 2. Judge you in any form.
  • 3. Claim that we know everything.

Here is what we will do:

  • 1. Start with science. We will look into the following principles and draw up your own plan from there : Macro nutrient splits, training frequency, progressive overload, creating tension in the muscle improve your sleep habits.
  • 2. Observe and track
  • 3. Adjust accordingly to results on your individual basis

What I bring to the table

Musclemania Champion

Looking for an athlete, personal trainer NYC? Check! Hall of Fame at Fordham university, Musclemania champion, World Cup Athlete.

Published Author

A published author? Check ! 3 books and counting, 100s of articles published anywhere from Forbes magazine, LA Times, Muscle and Fitness etc.

Fitness Academy

An accredited academic? Check! Teaches Undergrad Classes at NYU? So isn’t it time you treat yourself to the best physique you can have?

Why are we different?
What makes a great coach that can help you on your fitness journey?

There a few components to that answer:

  1. Have a stellar resume.
    Personally, I think a great coach should bring academic, as well as athletic credentials. Being published while having been or being a good athlete would be an ideal combination. I understand this is not always doable, but we are talking about a great coach here so let’s have some standards. Someone who has walked the walk as a competitive athlete will have an easier time relating to the dietary struggles of the client, being able to write (I.e.., teaching shows that you have understood the matter well enough to pass the knowledge on to others).
  2. Produce results in clients.
    That is obviously a given. But there is more to that: How are the results achieved? By using drugs and overly restrictive diets? If so, this approach is not sustainable and I would label it as bad coaching. Results need to be achieved in a feasible, easy-to-maintain manner.Lead by example, provides knowledge without claiming to have found the magic bullet, and is able to read the client. On a day-to-day basis, a good coach should be like a great tank commander (being German, I could not help it). (S)he should be able to change tactics as (s)he sees fit by what is happening on the front line, without giving up on the strategic goal. Client had a day from hell? No need to cancel the leg workout, but maybe 10×10 squats would not the best of ideas.So one would not give up on training legs altogether, but tweak the workout with something that makes sense that day.
  1. Educate the client.
    To be a great coach, one has to be able to pass on information to the client in a way that does not seem patronizing or top-down, but makes the client want to apply the information because (s)he feels it would beneficial, as opposed to wanting to please the coach.Lift others up. A truly great coach puts others first. Nobody wants to hear how you build your physique or what you did back when you were great, unless there is something that will help the client. Coaching is about improving the client, not retelling war stories.
  1. Share the knowledge generously.
    A great coach is not motivated by revenue dollars and Facebook likes but acts as a promoter of exercise and nutrition. One way is to be an active contributor on public forums by exposing free content to a broad base of mostly nonpaying clients. Our YouTube channel has 100s of videos that are being viewed by 1000s daily, same with our Facebook page.

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