Is Ozempic The End Of The Fitness Industry?



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Will Ozempic be the death of the fitness industry?

Whenever new technology comes around , one of the main fears is whether your job is being threatened . We can go back to 18th century England where the luddites destroyed steam engines in the textile industry, fearing for their employment.

In the end, the industrial revolution ended up creating millions and millions of jobs while raising the standard of living.

But Ozempic is different!

People can lose weight without training!

True, but that can also be said for cocaine.

Personally, I think these weight loss drugs will create a huge boom for the fitness industry.


There will be two groups of Ozempic users

Group A fits more in the Homer Simpson category, ” I Want to Eat Whatever and Lose Weight” This group will simply not ever change their lifestyle and just move from one drug to another.

Over time, all the weight will be gained back and then some.

Group B has been read the riot act by their physician and wants to change their lifestyle in order to eventually come off the drug.

When on Ozempic, you do lose weight.

True, but what kind?

Mainly muscle.


In any type of caloric restriction, the body will get rid of muscle first since it costs energy to sustain . Fat cells , on the other hand, can be maintained very easily.


Muscle follows the use it or lose it principle, so weight training is the only way to keep it on.

Eating Less vs Eating Less while hitting your proper macros..

Let’s assume Ozempic causes you to eat only 1500 calories which you fill from sugar only.

You will lose weight but feel miserable. If you break down the 1500 calories into the appropriate ratio of protein, carbs and fats you will feel and look a lot better.

Implementing good eating and training habits are key for lasting success, these are easier accomplished with the help of qualified personnel.

Group B will take charge of their health and life and thereby creating a huge demand for fitness professionals!

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