10 Things I wished I had known 10 Years Ago!

10 things I wish I had known 10 Years Ago!

1. You Do not lift heavy to get big.!

Lifting heavy is a great way to get hurt, muscular work matters not weight weight moved.

2. Eating Big is a great Way to get Fat, Not Muscular.

Excessive bulking will lead to fat gain, which then will force you to run a longer and harder cutting phase. If the bulk had been a bit more disciplined, the diet stretch would be less painful and you keep more muscle.

3. Cutting And Mass building Exercises are a Myth.

Muscle either contract or they don’t. Whether you gain or lose weight is solely a function of diet.

4. Supplements are overrated .

There are about three supplements that do anything, the rest is marketing.

5. You Must Meal Prep!

No restaurant, meal prep service is as concerned with your physique as you are.

6. You Need A Deadline!

Set a deadline, tell everyone about it and work toward it. You will be astonished you well you will do.

7. Following a Pro Bodybuilder is a great way to burn out!

These guys have great physiques, no doubt. But they are genetic outliers, you and I can not train like them.

8. There Are No Must Do Exercises!

Muscles do not have eyes, they have no idea what piece of equipment you are using.

9. Stop Doing Exercises- Start Training Muscles!

Nobody wants to get better at biceps curls, but have bigger biceps. Focus on stretching and contracting the muscle, not moving the weight!

10. Do Not Let A good physique Inflate Your Ego.

You build a great body, that is commendable. But it does not make you better than others.

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