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What we can learn from a battle fought in 1866

Hello everyone, the historian in me decided it was time for dorky piece, so here we are. It is 8 am on July 3rd 1866, the Prussian Army is taking on Austria Hungary for supremacy in Europe at the battle of Koeniggraetz.. The key players are General Field Marshal Wilhelm von Moltke on the Prussian […]

10 Things I wished I had known 10 Years Ago!

10 things I wish I had known 10 Years Ago! 1. You Do not lift heavy to get big.! Lifting heavy is a great way to get hurt, muscular work matters not weight weight moved. 2. Eating Big is a great Way to get Fat, Not Muscular. Excessive bulking will lead to fat gain, which […]

4 Fitness Scams To Avoid!

4 Fitness Scams To Avoid! 

Four Fitness Scams you Must Avoid! Hello everyone, the fitness world, not unlike the fashion world, does recycle trends every few years. Carbs are in, carbs are out, Circuits are awful, circuits are great. Sadly, there are four scams that like zombies, refuse to die. Video here. You set up a bunch of rubber bands, […]

Fat Loss

What Really Matters For Fat Loss!

Book A Coaching CAll! What matters when losing fat? Cardio? Fat burners? Circuit training? Here is your Fat Loss Pyramid! 1. The base of the pyramid has to be a caloric deficit. Period. Think 500 calories a day below your basic metabolic rate. That alone is 30 % of your success. 2. Your macros. For […]


Is Ozempic The End Of The Fitness Industry?

Book A Coaching CAll! Will Ozempic be the death of the fitness industry? Whenever new technology comes around , one of the main fears is whether your job is being threatened . We can go back to 18th century England where the luddites destroyed steam engines in the textile industry, fearing for their employment. In […]

getting Fat

Maik, I Need Help WIth the Eating Part!

Book A Coaching CAll! Maik I Struggle With the eating part! This is something I hear often ” my workouts are going great but I simply can not get my eating in check” What is to be done? The answer is not ozempic, sorry to disappoint. Drugs do work but they work even better in […]

We made it into Forbes! 

visit us! My team and I are happy to announce that our business model was featured in Forbes! It is a great validation of our hard work and should make everyone feel that they are at the right gym to accomplish their goals! Maik


Humans Are Awesome!

visit us! In a time of uncertainty and terrible news, it is comforting to find out that most people are actually awesome. On my way to work on Saturday, my co trainer Greg calls while I was biking across the bridge. Maik What’s so urgent, can it wait? I am about to crash. Greg; no […]

BIohacking- Scam

BIohacking- Scam or Miracle?

visit us! Biohacking can be described as do-it-yourself biology. For many “biohackers,” this consists of making small, incremental diet or lifestyle changes in order to feel and perform better. Biohacks promise anything from quick weight loss to enhanced brain function but is that really true? What are the different types of biohacking? Btw here is […]


Everything was better in my day!

visit us! Everything was better 30 years ago…. I had that thought when I was training at a commercial gym and it was teenage hour. Lots of egos, horrible form, bad gym etiquette… you get the idea.In my mind, we were so much better in the 90s. In fact, everything was better and the world […]