Humans Are Awesome!



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In a time of uncertainty and terrible news, it is comforting to find out that most people are actually awesome.

On my way to work on Saturday, my co trainer Greg calls while I was biking across the bridge.

Maik What’s so urgent, can it wait? I am about to crash.

Greg; no sweat, see you when you get here

As I get to the gym I find the gentleman in the picture is there, Greg introducing him as ‘ Daryn who is a bodybuilder”

Me: Yeah, also the pope is catholic ( The guy is built like an elephant after all)

Turning to him: How can I help you?

Daryun: My hotel gym is rather bad, can I train here?

Me; Absolutely, join the party!

Turns out he hails from Kazakhstan, and has just competed in the NY Pro. Went about his workout, quiet like a church mouse.

No slamming, no grunting.

Being a true bodybuilder, he was very much impressed by our state of the art equipment but more so by the hospitality we extended.

Afterwards we talked shop for a bit, he has set his sights on competing at the Mr. Olympia next year.

Then it was back to the airport for him , long flight to Kazakhstan ahead ( I hope he flies business!).

When everything seems dark, brutal and hopeless, you have to acknowledge the sparks of humanity.

Case in point: Twelve guys from three continents in a gym, training hard, enjoying a good banter, unified by their passion for the sport.

There is hope!