What we can learn from a battle fought in 1866


Hello everyone, the historian in me decided it was time for dorky piece, so here we are.

It is 8 am on July 3rd 1866, the Prussian Army is taking on Austria Hungary for supremacy in Europe at the battle of Koeniggraetz..

The key players are General Field Marshal Wilhelm von Moltke on the Prussian side and the legendary Ludwig von Benedek for the opposing army.Shortly thereafter , the Prussian right flank was taking heavy losses due to the superior artillery of their opponents , so retreat into a defensive position was ordered.

The Prussian center then moved toward the swiep forest ( Swiepwald) where it was pinned down and outnumbered by two Austrian corps.At this point, around 11 am, things were looking rather grim.

So grim indeed, that Otto von Bismarck apparently had suicidal thoughts. King Wilhelm of Prussia and the high command are also getting very nervous, sensing impending doom.

Only Von Moltke was calm and secure about victory.

Why? Because his plan was sound.

His idea was to annihilate the opponent via pincer movement, which would have already happened if the 3rd army was not been delayed by railway problems ( sounds like commuting in NY)

But as long as the center held off the numerically superior Austrians and 7th division tied up two Austrian army corps, the Austrian right flank was exposed.

Now it was just a matter of time until the 3rd Prussian army made its way to the battlefield.

And that was exactly what happened. At 14:30 Crown Prince Frederick William finally arrived with the main bulk of his almost 100,000 men, having marched with all possible haste all morning, and hit the Austrian right flank retiring from the Swiepwald while the Prussian artillery pounded the Austrian center.

From there on, the Prussians broke through the Austrian lines and the war was essentially over

What does this have to do with your fitness journey?

Well, everything. At times, we all feel like Prussian grenadiers stuck in the Swiep Forest, taking hits without seeing the positive outcome.But if your plan is sound, you will get the coveted abs or 18″ arms. It may take a bit longer than we would like but you will get there.

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