What Really Matters For Fat Loss!

Fat Loss

Fat Loss

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What matters when losing fat?


Fat burners?

Circuit training?

Here is your Fat Loss Pyramid!

1. The base of the pyramid has to be a caloric deficit.


Think 500 calories a day below your basic metabolic rate. That alone is 30 % of your success.

2. Your macros.

For fat loss, you can cut either fats or carbs. Never cut protein 25%

3. Weight training.

Why? In a deficit, the body itches to drop muscle, not fat. The reason is simply : Muscles cost energy to sustain, fat does not. You must give the body a reason to hang on to the muscle aka use it. 25%

4. Cardio

Hold on to your seat: cardio is not a great fat loss tool. But it does matter for overall health. Think 90 minutes a week any cardio will do. Worth15%

5. Meal frequency, Supplements, Superfoods

These things matter little if at all. 5%

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