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Everything was better 30 years ago….

I had that thought when I was training at a commercial gym and it was teenage hour. Lots of egos, horrible form, bad gym etiquette… you get the idea.In my mind, we were so much better in the 90s. In fact, everything was better and the world is falling apart.

But is that really true or do I simply have selective memories?

Things you commonly hear in that regard are

1. Politics were more civilized back then
2. The younger generation is so weak and lazy
3. Everything is crazy right now.

Let’s take a look at politics first.

30 years , a leading bavarian politician proposed an open air concentration camp for all gays ( Considering Dachau was located in Bavarai, this is very rich). Gets reelected.

Pat Buchanan, the White House communications director, felt that AIDS was God’s revenge on gay men. Reagan gets reelected.

German chancellor Kohl refuses to declare the origins of his campaign money.
Gets reelected

The younger generation is lazy and does not want to work hard.

If we look at sports the improvements are insane. Germany made it to the World Cup final in 2002 with two guys who could actually play soccer and 9 destroyers. Never going to happen today.

Mark Spitz winning time if the 1972 Olympics would not qualify him for junior nationals today.

Arnold’s physique would not win him Mr. Staten Island, much less Mr. OlympiaIn the business world,
Wall Street was a boozy old boys club, trades heavily manipulated within a very inefficient system. Today, you need to be a math genius if you want to succeed .

Everything is so crazy, people taking Ozempic to lose weight. And the migrants!

Did I tell you that in the 30s people swallowed an explosive to lose weight?

DNP, which is a derivative of TNT, was widely used as a diet aid in the 30s, people lost about 3-4 lbs a week without diet or exercise (ironically, DNP is the only supplement that holds what tiktok promises). After several people went blind and/or died, it was pulled off the market and made its way into the underground.

As for migration, post World War 1 and 2, you had 20+ million people on the move all over Europe. A few thousand will certainly not collapse the system.

The world is not any crazier or stranger than usual.

A lot of things actually improved greatly such as healthcare, medicine, access to information and education.Stressing out over macro events will only hinder your gains, so just focus on winning the day.. But I did train harder than those kids today. fact !

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