Gregorio Pizzaro

Gregorio Pizzaro

Gregorio Pizzaro


Gregorio has been a NYC certified personal trainer for close to 10 years. He has worked with clients of all different fitness levels. His coaching techniques and his ability to educate and communicate brings the best out of every client he works with.

Gregorio believes in living by example. He is a vegan athlete and trains hard every single day and keeps himself in great shape, also in order to be a role model for his daughter. Passion, discipline, consistency, hard work, and a positive attitude are the qualities that he believes will produce results in a sustainable manner.

Or in his own words” The days of the clip board caring, screaming coach are over. Negativity and scare tactics only give you results for a short period of time, then the clients burns out.”

He gives 100% and finds ways of getting 100% out of his clients by being great teacher and motivator.

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