Training the entire strength curve workout


One of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to training is you can break down motion into three parts: stretch, mid range, and contraction.
My point is: if you were to train all three aspects during each workout, them gainz would be much quicker and greater.
Most trainees are covering the mid range portion quite well. It is the part where the muscle is the the strongest, so all your big exercises fall into that (pulls , presses, squats, and deads). Obviously, those movements should be the cornerstone of every training program. But they can be made more effective if you supplement with one exercise from the the stretch and respectively, contraction group.
Why bother doing that when the mid range covers the strongest part anyways?
Excellent question. Adding a stretch movement creates additional length in the muscle. In other words, if you have more real estate you can build bigger houses. The contraction exercise increases blood flow and cell volume to the max, which makes it a fantastic finisher movement.
This program is ideal for body recoup or fat loss.
You will get:
1. A PDF explaining the science of the workout, along with the diet, recovery etc.
2. A 4 week template with videos to all exercises.


This paid plan consists of 2 files: Excel sheet & PDF document.


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