3D Chest


Just bench brah. Right? So wrong. The bench will do very little for your chest. The reason most people can not build a great chest is not lack of trying but picking the wrong exercises. Often this leads to injured shoulders and the so called hunched forward/ Quasimodo syndrome.
My template will give you:
1. An extra pdf file containing a scan to make sure you are healthy enough to train.
2. 4 weeks worth of training, with videos and an auto regulating template.
3. Diet and nutrition guideline.
4. A video breakdown of my chest training.
Happy training!


My 5 day chest workout template,

  • developed by an Olympian and NYU professor
  • complete auto regulation build in and videos to all exercises
  • nothing left to chance, you will not under or overtrain.
  • all guess work out of your training is eliminated

It also comes with a booklet which covers

  1. Functions of the chest
  2. Common mistakes when training chest
  3. How to stay out of injuries
  4. How to prime the workout
  5. Supps and diet to maximize the program

It took me years and 10000s of hours training clients and myself to come up with enough data for this workout, this is not your usual
3×10 bench press cookie cutter workout
I am pumped ( pun intended) to have this put together and I am look forward your feedback


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