The Truth About Fat Loss

Workshop Presented by Maik Wiedenbach

If you want to lose fat faster than you likely thought possible… 


…WITHOUT long hours of boring cardio or bland salads day after day…


Then you can’t afford to miss this workshop!




The Glaring Truth No One Else Is Willing to Tell You About Your Journey To Lose Fat

Implementing a scientifically proven approach to fat loss has helped Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training become recognized as the #1 Personal Training Facility in New York and now I will be sharing my fat loss secrets in this brand new Workshop.

When we meet prospective training clients, they are often sick of…

Doing workouts that don’t produce any meaningful gains,

❌ Doing hours upon hours of ineffective cardio,

❌ Being misled by the media or inexperienced professionals about what actually works when it comes to fat loss,

❌ Starving themselves and still not seeing the results they want,

❌ Fat loss workouts that don’t actually lead to fat loss,

❌ Paying for training or memberships that promise big results and don’t deliver.


What if instead, you knew the truth about…


🌟 What your workouts should actually look like if you want to lose bodyfat,

🌟 Fat burners and if they actually work,

🌟 The role cardio plays in fat loss (hint: it’s not what you think),

🌟 What a fat loss focused nutrition plan should actually look like,

🌟 How long it takes to get lean and how to stay lean

🌟 Losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time…is it possible?


How to calculate your macros 


Reading food labels properly

Which Diet Form is the best? Intermittent fasting? Paleo? Low carb/ Keto? Low fat


…how would it impact your training? Your results?


The Truth About Fat Loss is a brand new workshop that will help you do exactly that!


No fluff. No theory. Just action.


After this workshop you’ll…


✅ Know how to design a training program that effectively helps you lose fat.

✅ Understand what you can and can’t eat if you want to get lean. 

✅ Have a clear game-plan to get results in the gym, month after month.

✅ Know more about the actual science of fat loss than 90% of the trainers in the city.


Simply, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to lose unwanted bodyfat once and for all.


On top of that, I’ll also answer your questions and do some live coaching to give you direct feedback on your current approach to fat loss.


About your Workshop Instructor:


Maik Wiedenbach, Voted New York City’s #1 Personal Trainer 3 Times.

Aka yours truly

So what is investment?

The price of this workshop is only $19.

Less than the investment for a single training session.

If you’re ready to start losing bodyfat, this workshop is for you.

Looking forward to teaching you the Truth About Fat Loss,


 Get the seminar here – $19

 See you!