The question as to which supplement is best has been pondered for decades, but fear not for I have the answer! It is… drumroll, please… read meat! Yes, that’s right, foods win again over artificial substances.

Why red meat? Let’s take a look. Great protein? Check! Creatine? Check! Zinc and Iron? Double check! What about cholesterol? There is little evidence that the consumption of red meat raises your cholesterol levels unless you A. have a genetic predisposition, B. eat low-grade red meat (burgers and hot dogs), C. consume too many trans fats from fries, etc., or D. do not eat enough greens.

The saturated fatty acids in red meat also serve as building blocks for testosterone, which is definitely something of interest for anyone training with weights. During a diet, red meat provides greater satiety than chicken or fish and also keeps the muscles fuller, making a huge psychological impact on the trainee.

Off to the kitchen,
Maik Wiedenbach