Things you do not need to do to get in great shape!

After speaking to a few new clients in my personal training business this week, I figured that there is a lot of confusion out there in terms of what is needed to get in shape so I shall attempt to clean up the 10 biggest misconceptions.
1. You need to throw up when training
When it comes to getting in shape, frequency and consistency beat ANYTHING. So any misplaced enthusiasm will only get in the way. Think of working out more in terms of getting a degree or building a career, you simply got to university/ work every day and do the best you can and after a certain time you get promoted. No need to go beast mode, just train more often instead.
2. Doing crazy jumping movements. The key to fat loss and building muscle is tension which can not happen during dynamic motions.

3. Foregoing entire nutrient groups such as carbs. Whenever you start a new form of eating, ask yourself ” can I do this for a very long time?” If the answer is no, you are setting yourself up for failure. I am German will never go without bread

4. Never eating certain foods. See above. unless you are allergic to that particular food / ( you also do not need to post every meal on insta)

5. Training for hours at a time. On average a total of 4 hours per week should be plenty to get you to the promised land if your diet is in check.

6. Quit eating salt. Salt is an essential nutrient, without it we die. As long as your potassium / sodium balance is decent, there will be no ill effect gfrom salt. How many pearl divers or surfers do you know that died from excessive salt consumption?

7. Time your meals every three hours. The one component that matters most are overall calories, as long as you stay within your guidelines it does not matter whether you consume three or 12 meals a day. There is no magic to intermittent fasting or not eating after 6pm ( btw is that EST or California time?)

8. Do endless cardio to get lean. Cardio is a rather poor tool to get lean in the first place. If you need to burn a few extra calories by all means do it but check your diet first.

9 Generally suffer and be miserable. In our NO DAYS OFF and WILLPOWER society , fitness and training have gotten a negative connotation in the sense that it is tough and you need to suck it up if you want to look great. All nonsense. Training is a privilege and should be seen as such. Yes, you can not eat donuts and be Mr. Universe but all this pseudo tough guy/girl nonsense has to go. Gym= adult play ground.

Anyone who has the opportunity to train should consider themselves lucky!