10 Things I Want from the New President!

Hello again,

Thankfully, this election will come to an end and someone will win (unless there is another recount in Florida).
Regardless, I listed the most pressing items that should be on the president’s to-do list right after he or she is sworn in.
1. Federally regulate all cable machines/ lat pull downs! 
I get so confused when I change gyms and I do not know what weight to use; it is hurting my gainz!
2. Ban pre-hab.
New pet peeve in the personal training industry: endless sets and sessions of pre-hab, preferably administered by chubby coaches telling their clients how “broken” and ” out-ofsync” they are. While it is true that modern life causes postural issues (think upper crossed syndrome), most people can fix those with proper weight training and do not need fake rehab.
Furthermore, telling people how weak and broken they are is not exactly empowering or helpful. 
But then, there is always functional training…squating on wobble board while juggling a flame thrower and a chainsaw… cuz that really mimics real life.
3. Cut the OCD nonsense.
One sure way to kill your gains: over tracking. Look, I love science and data but when I look around the gym and I see people struggling benching 95 lbs while their trainer tells to keep a 4/1/2/1 count, timing their rest to exactly 90 seconds, sipping their 8;1;1 intra workout BCAA shake, logging everything on their fitbit or iWatch… STOP!
During Arnold’s time, people built great physiques using shitty machines and common sense.
In the end, you must get stronger, train with decent form, eat a clean diet, establish a decent sleeping pattern, and try to enjoy life. Overanalysis will lead to paralysis!
4. Regulate personal trainer licenses. 
Only gun laws are even crazier than the lack of oversight when it comes to personal trainers. The quality of licenses ranks from a two-year university degree to 20 questions on the internet. We definitely need some sort of regulation here.
5. Regulate instagram coaching/online coaching
In this day and age, we can provide good online coaching, but just having a six-pack does not qualify you to be an online coach. At a minimum, if you cannot design an Excel sheet that allows for an increase in weight every week or cannot design a program that is not dangerous, please do not apply.
Warning signs to look for:
A. Coach says: “Do this because I say it works.”
B. Coach recommends fasted cardio.
C. Coach mentions supplements that can only be obtained in Mexico…
6. Standardize food labels
Since we do not teach proper math anymore, people get extremely confused when comparing food labels. Eight grams of sugar per serving? Sounds great.. too bad you ate four servings.
In Europe, all foods are labeled in terms of their macros per 100 grams of product. This way there is no problem comparing.
7. Ban functional training
I have written about this before: this needs to stop. Seeing middle-aged men jumping on a bench while holding a dumbbell overhead… nonsense.
Even if you do not get injured, what did you achieve? Squats, overhead presses, and dead lifts are extremely functional and will prepare you for the challenges of life just fine.
8. Implement a mandatory fee: one dollar per lbs left around in the gym.
I am ok with leaving a 45lbs plate on the bar, but it has gotten to the point where some trainees think it is ok to leave 10 plates on the leg press. Instead of putting up “please rack your weights” signs, just have he staff take a pic of the mess, calculate the dollar amount and charge the gym member. It would be easy to hide the clause in the contract.
9. Get rid of participation medals. 
Participation medals and donuts have hurt America more than anything else. I have witnessed soccer games where every player got one or several medals (best effort, best dress, best goalie).
STOP! You are not helping the kids by creating an environment were everyone is gifted and talented. In fact, you are setting them up for failure later on in life. Actual quote from a mother: “If you see my daughter’s bedroom, you would think she is Mia Hamm… so many soccer trophies. The fact is, she is not very good, she just gets a trophy every time she shows up.”
10. Outlaw front raises
Nobody needs to do any more front delt work. The front delts get stimulated by all pulls and presses which is why we have so many impingements as is. If anything, all front raises should be replaced with band pull aparts!
These are the ten things that really matter; afterwards we can deal with global warming etc.
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