10 ways to increase testosterone naturally!

Hello again!
This above is a big topic, since testosterone is what makes men into men. It builds muscle, helps with fat loss, allows you to train harder and recover quicker.
Sadly, it declines as we age. So is there anything to be done, besides taking drugs?
Yes, there is !
1. Train with weights . Weight training builds muscle, lowers stress, helps you burn fat and all these benefits add toward a higher output of testosterone.

2. Eat a balanced diet, where protein, carbs and fats are all included. Stay away from excessive over or undereating, as they both have negative effects..

3. Get enough sunlight.Think  spending 15 minutes in the sun  per day, if the area where you live does not permit for natural light, get a UV lamp or take 6000 IUs of vitamin D3 daily.

4. Destress! Any type of chronic stress will raise cortisol which then lowers your testosterone. Before you get into the next Facebook fight, ask yourself: is it really worth my time and energy?

5. Get sufficient sleep. Sleep deprivation is a testosterone killer, even a few short nights can lower your levels by 30%.

6. Check medications, especially anything that is cholesterol related can have the nasty side effect of messing up your testosterone levels.

7. Take zinc and magnesium since we are often deficient when it comes to those minerals ( they are the building blocks of testosterone)

8. Look into garlic and ashwaganda. Garlic can lower your cortisol which in turn will increase testosterone whereas ashwaganda has shown promise as a natural test booster.

9. Avoid certain plastics and processed foods! BPA has long been known to have negative effects on your body so use glass bowls and metal bottles when possible.

10 . Lose weight! This is the most important point of them all. Nothing will depress your testosterone production like being overweight, so if you have some weight to lose you just learned about another great benefit!

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