18 Years Ago.. My life changed ( true story)



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There are not many life changing moments and often the ones that are, you often recognize them much later.

A mentor who stepped in, an exam that went better than expected , a person paying attention at the right time.

Personally, in terms of my fitness journey I can remember a critical juncture extremely well.

This time, 18 years ago, I was rather unhappy at my job as a financial analyst and did not quite know what to do with myself.

Given my background, I had stayed in shape , enjoyed training and eating a certain way but wasn’t sure how to make the gym lifestyle into an actual living. .

Additionally, I was in the throes of the INS holding my visa so I could not quite pick my job as I liked.

Given the circumstances, I did what any smart job searcher would do and went on bodybuilding.com to improve my life dramatically.

And there I found a fitness seminar to be held in NY at some forgettable Holiday Inn on the west side. In a heartbeat, I bought a ticket and went .

The setup was rather grim, think beat up conference room , faded carpet and plastic chairs. As for the audience, it was a motley crew of bodybuilders, figure girls, gym bros, powerlifters and soul searchers ( that being me)

The main attraction was Bill Grant, a bodybuilder from the golden ages of the sport aka the 70s along with another gentleman who was giving theoretical background on training and diet.

Did I learn a lot?

To be honest, no.

Most of the teaching material was rather generic along with Grant telling anecdotes from training around Arnold , Zane and others.

What drew me in was the energy in the room and the love for the sport both presenters and attendees had.

It was from that moment on that I knew I wanted to be a part of it, immigration be damned!

Certainly a decision I never regretted to this day.

So when in doubt about your future, do not be afraid to look in unusual places!