Can’t get to the gym on those busy days? Then squeeze in a quick lunchtime workout.

In a time crunch? Then why not workout during your lunch, it’s a great idea but it can be hassle. You have to get to gym, change, workout, shower, and change again. Changing and showering, that easily takes away half of your hour. Plus, gyms tend to be packed during lunch.

But working out during your lunch is an awesome idea for three reasons:

  1. It can give you the pump you need for that next, big presentation — showcase that confidence in front of the board.
  2. You’ll be more productive for the rest of the day, there won’t be an afternoon slump.
  3. You’ll hit two birds with one stone: build muscle and burn fat.

To save precious time, I recommend keeping an exercise band at your desk drawer — we’re not talking about your grandma’s aerobic bands. There are bands out there that can deliver up to 250 pounds of resistance. With resistance bands, you’ll be able to mimic the entire gym at your desk during a timed workout.



If you’re able to squeeze in the gym later that day, then train the same muscles you were originally planning on but at lower weight and higher speed. So, lets assume you were planning on doing legs after work, you would perform 10 x 4 squats during lunch but very light and fast. This will set up your CNS for a productive workout later on.

As for food, eating massive amounts of carbs at lunch is a sure fire way of setting yourself up for a siesta instead of a promotion. To prevent this from happening, ingest about 30 grams of carbs pre-workout. Some good options are a Greek yogurt with some fruit or oatmeal. Then let the main meal be packed with protein: lean meat with greens and an avocado or nuts.