Damn the torpedoes- buy junk bonds!

Did this become an investment newsletter? Far from it but I do want to point out certain comings and goings on Wall Street.
Love ’em or hate ’em, we can all agree that some reasonably smart people work at Manhattans tip which is the financial capital of the planet.
When the pandemic hit, they where the first to buy Zoom, Peleton and other stay at home stocks thereby making a killing when the rest of the country was facing despair.
Fast forward seven months and we have news of two promising vaccines.
And? A shift in money flow. Out of a sudden all the beaten up stocks such as airlines, hotels and cruise lines are back en vogue despite having horrendous balance sheets, whereas covid beneficiaries are getting hammered.
“But that makes no sense. The pandemic driven stocks have at least two more quarters to make money.”
Yes, this is true but Wall Street tries to predict the future.
Great Maik, but was does this mean for me?
Certainly not ditch the mask and go for a group hug but start positioning yourself for a post pandemic summer/fall 2021.
Our little gym places two orders for equipment, one domestic’s one from UK so that we stand out when things normalize. One of my trainers is building his own app whereas one one is getting is Masters in Exercise Science. Needless to say , when the dust settles both of them will be able to dominate the competition.
Guys, this sucks and I am the first to admit. I hear you, these are difficult times whether you are a teacher in Koeln, a yogi in Koh Samui or a bodybuilder in NY. We are all facing challenges. But there is light at the end of the tunnel so let’s walk towards it!