Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air… no, really! I know that it may not seem like it at the moment with all of the snow, but check your calendars! In the fitness industry, you can always tell that spring is about to arrive because of the new diets. I am willing to bet that within weeks, we’ll have a new “Insert super food here” diet that will do everything from restoring peace in the Middle East to making your in-laws pleasant.

With it also usually comes a phrase that is catchy, sensible, and too good to be true (usually for a very good reason). Examples include: “Never eat fats and carbs together!”, “Toxins are making you fat!”, or my personal favorite, “Blueberries cure cancer! (All 10,000 kinds of it!)”. The sudden increase of gluten intolerant people also comes to mind.

Any diet/nutritional program that harps on one oversimplified slogan is dishonest and will not produce sustainable results. Weight loss and weight gain are simple and yet infinitely complicated at the same time.

Some simple facts to keep in mind:

1. Calories matter. There is no calorie myth (Hello Jonathan Bailor!). In order to lose weight, you need a caloric deficit.
2. Cut either carbs or fats in order to create said deficit since protein is needed to maintain the muscles while dieting.
3. Train with weights in order to keep the muscle on and retain your metabolism. Cardio is of secondary importance, but it can be used to create a bigger deficit.

This all being said, diet still remains a very complex process. There are individual physiology, psychology, education, economic background, availability of food, production of food, exercise, response to exercise, etc. But don’t give up just yet! The good news is, as long as you are in a caloric deficit, you’ll be ok! So go ahead and enjoy your oatmeal with peanut butter!

Until next time,
Maik Wiedenbach