7 Things to Look for in a Pre Workout Drink!

Hello again,
Pre workouts – everyone loves them… right? Over the last few years, they took the bodybuilding world and NYC personal training scene by storm.

They are supposed to give you a boost before the workout and provide energy throughout. Personally, I stopped taking them because most of them are garbage. The reason is… production cost!

The ingredients that work are too expensive to be sufficiently dosed, so you are ending up paying a lot of money for caffeine and niacin.


They are very cheap and they also make you feel something. The caffeine makes you hyper and niacin gives you the flushes.

Therefore, you have two choices: make your own mix, sell it,and rip other people off to get back at the industry, or just make your own by buying the building blocks directly from a quality company.

Here are the ingredients that matter:

Citrulline malate, to fight fatigue, 5-8 grams
Caffeine, for alertness, 200- 400 mg
Creatine, to maximize strength, 3-5 grams
Agmantine, to increase the pump, 1-2 grams
L tyrosine, for the focus, 2-3 grams (IF you have not eaten for at least 30 minutes)
Protein, to fend off muscle loss during the workout, 10-15 grams
Carbohydrates, to fuel the workout, 20 grams

Wash the supplements down with gatorade and whey and off you go.

Maik Wiedenbach