8 things that are wrecking your workout and how to avoid them!

Today’s piece deals with the actual nuts and bolts of progress, training. 
Very often people focus on everything around such as food, supplements, workout gear, attire, choosing the right gym, but the actual workout tends to be sub par. Now, to be clear, not every workout is going to be stellar. Working out should be seen like a fun kind of work, but still work. Some days are great , others are well..meh.
However, there are certain things that can wreck your workout and they should avoided like the plague.
1. Bringing your phone. I know, you need it for the music. But VERY few people have the discipline to put it on music alone and train (I know I don’t). Get an iPod shuffle – it is also more stable in case you drop it or put a dumbbell on top. AS for the social media aspect, one post workout selfie should put you safely on the gains train.
2. Having poor pre-workout nutrition. I wrote about it here, but the short version is that I feel that pre and intra workout nutrition matter more than post.
3. Not having a plan. Instinctive training works for about five people on earth. The rest of us needs a plan. The amount of detail depends on the individual; personally, I do best when every set and weight is pre-planned but allows for some leeway within rep ranges. Another pitfall with that is
that trainees tend to chase too  many rabbits within one workout. For example, you cannot have a fat loss and get bigger biceps workout within the same day. Pick something you are focusing on, give it 4-5 weeks, and evaluate from there.
4. Over-reliance on pre workout stimulants. Stimulants are great but not every day. Motivation comes from the inside, not from a pill. Too much caffeine will inevitably fry your nervous system and increase your cortisol.
Socializing. This one is tricky, since you do not want to come across as an arrogant muscle head. If you are like me and do not have any friends, the issue will not arise. As stated above, working out should be treated like work, so saying hi and bye is fine. Save the fantasy football debates for the locker room.

6. Getting annoyed by what other people do. (Hi, Ricky!) This is a free country; people have a right to make dumb decisions. Besides, they might say the same thing about you and your workout.
7. Not warming up properly. Check out last weeks article for that one. 
8 Psyching yourself out. This happens to me quite a bit, as I put so much pressure on myself with needing a great workout, press x pounds, etc. that I am sometimes almost paralyzed. It is not war, just training!
Have a great Labor Day weekend, if you live in the USA!