8 Things you need to know to Build your Best Body Ever!

Some things I wish I could get across to more people

1. Stop with the ego lifting. As I get older I see so many guys my age who can hardly bend over. Injuries are not fun, interesting, or a badge of honor. They are limiting, painful, frustrating, and crippling! High school is over, nobody cares what you can lift. Just look good at the beach!

2. Stop worshipping the “Big Three” exercises. Unless you are a powerlifter you can forget the deadlift and the bench, modify the squat, and look better while being healthier.

3. Keep improving your execution. Had I known what I know now, I might have the Mr. O. Ok, maybe not, but I would look a lot better. Prp

4. Do not get pigeonholed into doing this exercise or that. Think in movement patterns instead. If you figure out how to squat, hip hinge, push and pull in different forms, you will look just fine.

5. Undertraining beats overtraining in steroid-free lifters any day. If you have to be carried out of the gym after the workout, you might look pretty tough but you have overtaxed your body and won’t be able to have another decent workout for the next three to four days. Always leave two or three reps in the tank.

6. Do not obsess over one meal or one workout. In a lifetime of training, you cleaning out the buffet once will have very little impact on your body. You developing an eating disorder out of guilt will.

7. You are enough. If you master execution of the four movement patterns (squat, push, pull, and hip hinge) while eating a reasonable diet, you will be the envy of the beach. Stop looking at drug-enhanced, surgically-improved, short-lived, social media stars.
Instead look at people that still have great physiques after being in the game for decades (Lee Labrada or me:))

Many thanks!