New York City’s winters can be grueling on both your shoes and psyche — today is no exception. The combination of huge puddles (If anyone has figured out how to avoid them, any information would be appreciated!), wet subways, and addictiveTV shows makes it rather easy to take a couple of “snow days” and treat yourselfto a few cheat meals. But before you know it, the couple days become a couple weeks,the nibbles become pounds, and voila, it’s Memorial Day! This is often when my inboxblows up with the desperate, hectic emails (“Maik, I need to have abs by the 4thof July! Help me!”). My response? It usually is something along the lines of, “Onlytime travel can save you,” or even worse, “Get some loose, cool beach clothes.”

But let’s put those uplifting statements aside, and focus on how to avoid getting stuck while we still can. How can you motivate yourself not to fall off the wagonthis time of the year?

1. Be realistic. If your schedule only allows for two workouts per week, that’s okay. Just remember to make the most out of them.

2. Be conscious — of snacking that is. Colder temperatures have a way of gettingthe munching starting, and it adds up fast!

3. Get your vitamin D. Make a point of going outside every day, even if it is onlyfor 20 minutes. Supplementing with Vitamin D3 can also help.

4. Have a vision, not just a goal for your training. Find something greater, somethingthat will provide you with more motivation than just getting a six-pack. This willhelp you battle the slush on Lexington!

Above all, stay warm and keep training!

Until next time,
Maik Wiedenbach