Behind the mask

Behind the mask …
Today one of my pet peeves occurred: someone aka a prospect was late. As in very late..think 40 minutes. I thought to myself: ” How can you be so unreliable? This will never amount to anything.”
As I started training him, I heard my mother in the back of my head, telling me that everyone has a right to be treated properly. So I listen to mom, pulled myself together and put him through the paces.
The session went exceedingly well, he enjoyed the workout and will certainly make progress.
Why was he late? Turns out, the prospect was late because the NY subway did what it does best which is messing up everyone’s schedule.
What struck me is that it is hard at times to see the person because you don’t see the person.
In the NY winter, people often wear a mask and a hat in the gym, so there is very little left.
This certainly makes things more difficult, as an example you can not read someone’s expressions during a sales pitch.
So we must try harder to see behind the mask and beyond our horizon:
Your delivery got messed up?
The guy went through the snow to get you empanadas.
Your work being demanding?
11 million plus unemployed Americans would love to have that issue.
Don’t feel like training legs?
This means you are healthy and your gym is open. Get moving.
Personally, I chalk every day up as a win where schools and my gym are open. Things will get better but this is not the time to take anything for granted.
See you on the other side!