Biggest nutrition mysteries unveiled!

After talking to a few clients this week I came to the stunning conclusion that even though it is 2019, it is still 1450 BC in terms of nutritional knowledge.

So I will attempt to clear out the biggest misconceptions

1. Calories matter most. Period. Stop looking for some magic portal be it intermittent fasting, keto, vegan or the dinosaur diet that will enable you not to cut calories while you can still lose weight.You are not Harry Potter and there is no Hogwarts.

2. Marcos also matter greatly.
If you are in a deficit but all your calories come from gummy bears, you will lose weight but you won’t be healthy. You need to figure out your macro (meaning your protein, carbs and fats) breakdown depending on physique goal and activity level.

3. Insulin does not make you fat.
Insulin has no calories, it simply transports nutrients into the muscle or fat cell. It can not transport something you have not eaten before.

4. Cortisol is not making you fat either.
Cortisol is used to release glycogen into the bloodstream, so we can run away from predators or workout with weights. While high cortisol levels are not healthy , they do not cause weight gain by itself. Simply think of people in war zones, we can assume they are pretty stressed out yet lean due to the lack of food.

5. There is no sugar addiction.
People treat sugar like its the devil itself, only to heap honey into their tea. Guess what? Both substances are pretty much identical. Sugar is simply easy to overeat since it tastes good and is widely available.

6. Stop obsessing over single foodsNo particular food will get you in shape nor kill you. There is no need to hunt the savannah for a particular nut nor do you need to avoid food x completely ( unless its plutonium)

So what to do to achieve great health?
1. Hit your macros as close as possible.
2. Train with weights three times a week.3. Remain intellectually curious about whatever interests you.
4. Watch lots of Tiger tank documentaries ( wait, that’s just me)
5. Get your sleep and do not take yourself too seriously.Maik out
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