Break the streak!

The following news probably means nothing to anyone except my brother and I ( hi, Jan) but for the first time in 11 (!!!!) years, our soccer /football team did not lose vs Bayern Munich. We drew and could have even won! Granted I am biased but let’s have a look as to why we got a point ( I love saying “we” as if I participated)
1. Luck. Ok, somewhat true but we did have more chances.
2. Ref. Not this time
3. Bayern had a set of injuries. True, but they also have 5x our budget so they should be able to field 11 good guys.
No, the reason is that for once we did not put 11 guys in the box and hoped for a miracle. The team attacked and went up 1-0.
Ok, great but covid?
In my personal opinion, that is the way you deal with the pandemic. Depending on your geographical location and governmental structure you live in, there might not be any federal aid for the next lockdown so one has to rely on oneself. Being on the offense will also set you up with a better mindset since it gives you the feeling of being in control as opposed to just being bounced around by stimulus packages and news of stage 3 vaccines.
As things in NYC continue to get more disturbing, you would not know that if you came to our gym. Clients being trained, new clients being added, new equipment arriving….
Watching the corona numbers tick one way or another will only increase cortisol which kills gains…
As for “is it wise to buy new equipment now?”
1. You get massive discounts, since nobody else is buying.
2. If we do not believe in our business, why would other people?
2. If there is a shutdown, we can hunker down and play with the new toys.
3. If we go under, at least we down guns blazing.
Remember: the pandemic is a tunnel. It is a lot longer than any of us would like to be, but it will end.