Bulletproof Coffee – The Breakfast of Champions?

Bulletproof Coffee – The Breakfast of Champions?

Today’s topic was brought to me by several of my esteemed readers, it is the latest fad – Bulletproof Coffee. The NYT wrote a reasonably well researched article about it, which I decided to piggyback.

What is it? The answer to all your prayers! A tasty morning drink that serves a good dose of caffeine, fat from grass fed cows (or their close relative the yak – even more ideal), and more fat from MCTs. All in all, a 450 – 900 calorie breakfast that will make you smarter, lose weight and more attractive to the opposite (or same) sex. A dream come true for all procrastinators – pulling an ‘all nighter’ just got so much easier. Plus, you will wake up ripped in the morning!

As you can tell by now, it is my opinion that the product is bogus. That being said, let’s go through the ingredients step by step:

No matter what you drink, eat, nibble, munch and graze….calories matter. So just because you are consuming something from the Himalayas or the Amazon, you still need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight.
MCTs are indeed an interesting substance as they are used to treat children with epilepsy. They also have a very mild fat burning effect and work well for athletes on low carb diets. However, Coconut Oil is a far healthier alternative to obtain MCTs, and it is much cheaper and tastier than yak butter.

If you are interested in cognitive enhancement, look into Piracetam and Choline, aka products with actual research behind them. 

Yes, caffeine has some fat burning properties and will raise your metabolism to the tune of 3-5 %. However, if you wash it down with 500+ calories of your delicious Bulletproof Coffee, you’ll be sitting at a negative delta.

So your parents were right; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Bulletproof Coffee is a great idea for Sherpas in the Himalayas who are about to climb to the peak of Mount Everest, but if used by mere mortals, the consumption of said beverage will just result in weight gain.

Till next time!