Can Weight Training Fix Injuries?

First things first: Personal training  ( whether in NYC or anywhere else) is not rehab. If you are having an acute injury, you’ll need a physical therapist, not a trainer. But if you are suffering from muscular imbalances caused by the modern lifestyle, yes, weight training will help you attain a greater level of fitness and a better quality of life.

Now, you know me and my belief is that bodybuilding can fix everything, even world peace. I mean, if everyone was happy and in great shape why go to war? But I digress…

When talking about 21th century illnesses, we are mostly referring to two conditions:

1. The upper crossed syndrome, caused by sitting and typing or cell phone operating. This creates a hyperactive upper trapezius muscles, as well as tight anterior deltoids and pectorals muscles.

Symptoms would be: headaches, elbow and shoulder pain, as well as fatigue. Fun.

Solution: create balance in the body by having 2 to 1 pushing/pulling ratio, meaning if you are doing three sets of bench or push ups, you offset them with six sets of rows or lat pull downs.

Also, forego direct trap work such as shrugs as you do not want to further increase your imbalances. There is no need to stop all pressing, but be mindful as to always pinch the shoulder blades together to avoid shoulder rolling.

2. The lower crossed syndrome (ugly cousin of the above), caused by excessive periods of…you guessed it: sitting. The beautiful outcome: tight hamstrings which then result in inactive glutes, causing a tight and painful lower back.


1. create length and strength in the hamstrings via dead lifts either with free weights or at the cable.
2. get your glutes moving with step ups and the almighty squat/box squat.
3. skip direct quad work such as leg extensions for a while.
Weight training wins again!