Ever since Dr. Atkins gave us the “Do Not Eat Fruit But Butter” diet, keeping carbohydrates at a low level has been a dietary mainstay, and for a good reason.
Disclaimer: anyone who has met me, be it offline or online, knows that I am not a fan of one size fits all solutions. However, there is something to be said for living the low-carb lifestyle.Eating carbohydrates on a consistent basis has its downfalls:
1. Carbs are easy to overeat since they taste good and take up little volume while providing very little satiety (compared to protein, for example).
2. Eating carbs on a consistent basis causes insulin resistance, meaning you are unable to handle carbs all that well anymore and have started storing them more as body fat.
3. In a way, carbs are the perfect drug: cheap and the more people eat, the more people want!
Lowering carbohydrates, on the other hands, can be rather beneficial:
1. Fewer energy swings as your blood glucose levels stay in check.
2. Insulin resistance is being restored, so when you decide to increase your carb consumption, you’ll utilize them better.
3. Less chance of overeating = less body fat being stored!
Despite the benefits of eating less carbs, trainees will need the carbs on training days for the energy. A 3-day low, one-day high carb cycle is probably a good starting point for most trainees. Give it a try, and let me know what results you see!


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Until next time,
Maik Wiedenbach