Covid fatigue- it is real and you are not crazy to feel the way you feel!

Before I go into today’s newsletter, let me state that I am aware that I live in a fishbowl with a rather specific perspective. NYC has been hit harder than most places ,additionally I caught the virus myself and I own a business so I do check all the boxes.
That said, let’s dive into the material.
What is covid fatigue?
I guess you can break it down into two layers
1. Long term effects of those that had it such as crushing fatigue, depression, loss of memory and struggling with focus. I can definitely tell that I tire out quicker, both physically and mentally. As an example I ll read over an email six to eight times before answering it ( so if you are waiting for a response from me, that is why)
In terms of training, everything is infinitely harder. I need longer breaks, lower weights and less volume to the point where I need to break the workout into two 45 minute sessions since I lose focus and energy if I cross the 50 minute mark.
The fatigue can get to the point where I need to lay down for an hour in the middle of the day.
In terms of intellectual output, I definitely clock in about 40% less than pre pandemic simply because  I forget things, make more mistakes when writing and lose my train of thought often.
it gets extremely frustrating since the simplest things such as paying bills or organizing your schedule become monster tasks.
Another component would be depression and anxiety which I have not experienced all that much, simply because we have been in survival mode since May and I really did not have time to contemplate the larger picture.
But what about those who did not contract the virus?
Do you lose the right to complain?
Not at all as this affects all of us
First of all, there is that fact that there is no end in sight.  Personally I think we will have to deal with this for another year, meaning  restricted travel, localized shutdowns and more death. We have been dealing this since February, so most of us are kind of done with it.
I can see the fatigue in my trainers, these guys have been killing it since May and it shows. In a way, I feel like I am close to the finish line and then someone moves it.
“Hey, just walk up to 57th street! Ok, done, I am here! “
.So I meant 65 th! Ok, I got you…
“Hey, can you come upt o72nd and Park? Ah, for the love of God…
You get the idea…..
Working from home is also getting a bit long in the tooth, people would very much like to go to an office and converse with other humans in person. There is a synergy which simply can not be duplicated on a zoom call ( what was Jeff Toobin thinking, btw??)
Then there is the looming sword of Damocles …home schooling. Ask any parent what they fear most and the answer will be ” school shutdowns”
As if that wasn’t bad enough, we are all facing economic hardship . Now granted I am very much aware that there are different levels of hardship, I do cycle by the churches every day and see the lines of people waiting for food, but as a business owner I do have responsibilities toward my family and the people I work with. A looming lockdown is certainly causing sleepless nights on my end.
What is to be done?
If I only knew.
For one, it’s ok to admit that things are not peachy or as the US Navy seals put it : ” Embrace the Suck”.
It is ok to be tired and cranky as long as we do not make it permanent.
It is also ok to have a not perfect day. There are days where my fatigue simply allows me only to schedule the bare minimum to keep the trains running. Do not beat yourself up and try to do more. The output will just be garbage yardage.
“Win the day” is still the best I have to offer. In my little world, each day the school is open, gym up and running and the people that matter are healthy i chalk it up as a win. I get out there leading by example and doing the best I can.
And finally as much as this stinks, I am still alive and it will end!