The Dangers of Social Media!

As I get older and my clients in my personal training business in NYC get younger, I am forced to look into their reality, mainly social media pressure.
Consider this: during my teenage years, you compared yourself to your high school class ( which was bad enough) but you are talking only about 30 + people.
Today, there are millions of great bodies on Instagram etc and the pressure to look great is through the roof. ” Wow, he/she looks so great and I do not. I suck.” This then leads to drug use, unhealthy diets or general unhappiness. People often stop lifting altogether since ” I can never look like that.”
Very often I am being presented with this guys 30 day transformation from chubby to hero (strangely enough, guys often get tattoos as they get in great shape. Not sure what to make out of that)  or this girls weight loss where she went from ugly duckling to bikini bombshell and got the sponsorship, the boyfriend and the Ferrari..
Impressive but lets consider this:
1. You were not there, meaning you have no idea about the actual timeline.( nobody could ever fake holding up a newspaper!!) For all you know , it might have been 6 months not 3 months.
2. You don’t know about this person’s drug use. This goes for girls as well, the drug use amongst female competitors has reached epic proportions. There is nothing worse than seeing a girl going from 105 lbs to 200 lbs ( yes, you read that right) because she went off the drugs and her metabolism is shut.
3. Ditto for eating disorders.  Here we are also talking male athletes. Male bulimia and anorexia are not talked about but are very much real, think 1 million cases in the US.
4. Lastly, there is photoshop. See the attached pic and my blown out of proportion arms on the right vs left. As much as I which to have 20 inch arms, I …well I just do not. My biceps and triceps insertions are too high for that too happen ( sad)
So, the next time you blindly follow someone just on the base of his/ her jackedness, remember: you don’t know the backstory.
Pick a NYC personal trainer by looking at credentials such as books written, articles published, teaching at NYU, track record and testimonials..just saying.
So stay sane and remember “98 % of social media is BS” except my pages of course! here you actually get the science about training, muscle gain and fat loss!
Maik out
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