In Defense of the Smith Machine!

Jay and his transformation

Welcome back everyone!

The smith machine is often being looked down upon or straight up dismissed by most trainees. However, it is actually a quite valid training tool if used properly.
Why do most people stay away from it?
” Because it does not allow of the natural range of motion since it only moves up and down.” True and no. The smith machine can aid in performing exercises with a straight-line of pull/ push such as
1 Overhead presses
2. Bend over rows
3. Lunges
4. Squats if you put the feet far out front
5. partial deadlifts

Additionally, the newer smith machines allow for a full 3D ROM so that argument falls by the wayside.
The smith machine is great for
1. Days where you do not feel 100%
2. When you want to rep out without worry
3. Do not have a spotter
4. if you struggle with an exercise
The counterargument is always : ITS NOT FUNCTIONAL!!!
Nobody cares. The majority of people in the gym simply wants to look better, not play in the NFL. Besides, you not training only in the smith.
Also, the vast majority of gym goers incl the “die hard free weight brigade” should not touch free weights without adult supervision, but that is a different story.
Weight is just a tool, if you want to to build a physique, tension matters. Whichever piece of equipment works best in that regard for you with the greatest amount of safety and the least stress on joints that is your go-to piece.