Don’t be a douche!

Don’t be a douche
I admit it, I was wrong. One of my predictions or hopes during the annus miserabilis that was 2020 was that people would be a bit nicer once things are looking up.

This does not seem to be the case at all. Humans are just as selfish and entitled as ever.

But not all is lost. In a way, covid served as the ultimate litmus test for everything /everybody : who turns blue or red ( no political undertone intended).

As we have seen certain countries, companies and people mastered the pandemic better than others and i shall leave it at that,

But here we are in mid 2021 and certain things are rather unnerving

1. Dragging your feet about going back to the office. I get it, you like watching Netflix while “working” but enough.
About 1 million people are dead, 10 million are unemployed, 100s of thousands businesses closed,,you get the idea. Be grateful to be employed.

2. Not getting vaccinated.

Putting ourselves in harm’s way is one thing, endangering others is another. As for the ” i’ll do my own research”, give me a break. You can not complete 12 + years of med school, residency and lab work in a weekend on youtube. Sorry.
Unless you are running your own clinical trials, you are not doing research but simply looking for ways to reinforce your bias.
And no, you don’t have antibodies against the delta variant. You just want to be difficult, period.

3. General entitlement and whininess

Yes, covid was tough… for everyone but Jeff Bezos ( and he got divorced).
But no, the world doesn’t owe you anything.
If you are reading this, you are alive and have internet access as well as are being exposed to my wisdom. What more do you need?

You will have great stories for your grandkids, just make sure they are not along the lines of ” Well, I sat at home and complained for 18 months”