How to Ensure a Great Workout!

Today I was finishing up training and I was contemplating: what makes a great workout? It struck me that there are a few components to it:
1. You need to have a vision as to why you are training. Micheal Phelps wanted to be the greatest ever, Rocky needed to beat Drago, I want to be the most jacked dad in the NYC area… you get the idea. Having a vision will help you power through the tougher times, such as January when you don’t really want to train.
2. You need a plan for that day. “Doing chest bra” is not going to cut it. You need your exercises and weights laid out.
3. You also need blinders. Gyms are funny places full of amazing creatures such as the selfie queen, BO guy, the grunter, the talk on the phone dude, etc. As hard as it is, you need to let go of these characters and focus on yourself. After all, if you are getting annoyed, whose workout are you harming?
4. Be flexible. If a piece of equipment is taken, find something else. Don’t get all worked up; cortisol is bad for you.
5. No phone. Yes, you may be the one in a billion people who can only use it to listen to music, but probably not. I for one do not have the discipline to stay out of my email, Facebook, etc. but if you can, more power to you.
6. Relax. Its just a workout. There will be another one tomorrow.

Till next time!