Using a personal trainer can help you in achieving your fitness goals. So how do you find the right trainer for you?

I came up with an ingenious 5-point plan to separate the good from the not so good:

1. Ask for license and insurance. Sounds obvious, yet most people don’t do it.

2. Are they in shape? This may sound superficial but an out-of-shape trainer wouldn’t inspire confidence in me. Would you go to a dentist with bad teeth?

3. Do you feel personally catered to or are they a clock-watcher? Does your trainer follow up after the session via email in regards to how you feel? Is he accessible when you are not in session?

4. Diet. Even if your trainer is not a nutritionist, they should give you some guidelines as to what to eat and explain the basic food groups.

5. My favorite: prepare a difficult question. If they give you the right answer, hire them. If they tell you that they are not certain, and that they will get back to you with an answer, that’s still acceptable. If they make something up? Run for your life.

There you have it, a 5-point checklist to finding the right trainer for you!

Until next time,
Maik Wiedenbach