Fitness during and post Covid19

I was talking to my daughter since she was questioning my abilities as a 3rd grade teacher ( so am I btw) and I told her: ” Look you have been cast into a very uncertain scenario, it is not cool but we have to deal with it.”
There is no denying it ( albeit the tinfoil brigade is doing their best to do so): the virus is here to stay and will be around for a while.
What does this mean for the fitness industry and the fitness enthusiast?
Right now I feel the fitness industry to behaving like a bakery during a low carb craze. ” We got great bread! ” whereas the consumer says” we want chicken and beef”
Fitness industry ” Great, we ll make more bread!” Well, good luck with that.
In short, one can not go back to how things were as things have changed fundamentally.
Here is my view on things
1. Fitness will become more important than ever, both in terms of physical and mental health. However, the way people train will change for the foreseeable future.
2. Big gyms will have a very hard time attracting customers until there this a vaccine.
3. Exercise classes will hardly get approved.
4.. At home training here to stay which means three things. :
A. in case of another shutdown, it would be a good idea to have some basic equipment ( as soon as the dumbbell cartel increases supply!)
B. To get fabulous results and not get injured, the athlete needs to work on his execution and overall knowledge about training ( watching my videos is a great start!)
C. Motivation to train at home has to be placed with exercising becoming a habit. Otherwise it is not sustainable.
5. Complaining will most likely not help., we will just have to go the flow in terms of gym availability or as my daughter said: ” I am doing the best I can”
Be safe everyone!