Food As Such….

I took in a new client yesterday ( against my better judgement since we are REALLY booked) but he is just a really cool guy.
As I sat down with him, I realized that despite (or because) of all the info out there people are still very much in the dark when it comes to food/diet.
Here are my top pointers
1. There are no good foods or bad foods. Some foods just have a higher caloric density and a not so great macro profile. They usually taste good…hmmm donuts!! They will not kill you right away, just use with caution.
2. There no fat burning foods. Ever. Anywhere.
3. Low carb, low fat, keto , IM, IIFYM all work AS long as you are in a deficit. Personally, I am more a low fat advocate  as I feel carbs are needed for recovery and performance .
4. Carbs do not make you fat. Lots of carbs/protein/fat will.
5. Insulin has zero calories, it can not store fat unless you provide calories. If you do not believe me, give yourself a shot of insulin without carbs and see what happens ( AM KIDDING)
6. Cortisol also has zero calories, not matter how stressed out you are you need to overeat to gain weight. Case in point: POWs. Very stressed out= very lean
7. Your thyroid or metabolisms does slow down when dieting but not as much as you think. Otherwise, nobody would die from hunger.
8. Restaurants are in the business of selling food, not making you lean. Keep that in mind when you eat out.
9. You do not need to stay out of restaurants, if you know a company event is planned or any social gathering simply undereat during the day.
10. Food has to be seen for what it is: not a drug nor just an energy source. Food just is. Enjoy and go on with your life.

Unless you want to look like competitive bodybuilder all year round you do not live out of a Tupperware.
With that, happy donut day today!
Maik ixlim