Forget New Year’s Resolutions! Try this instead!

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This was supposed to be a rant as to how stupid I think NY resolutions are and how they do more damage than good.

But then my crew convinced me to be more value-added and come up with something that is actually helpful.

So we sat down and discussed: what is the main pain point of peoples gym experience?

Not getting results. Hands down.

Now, there are many reasons why people do not achieve what they would like to, but one main culprit is that many gym goers feel overwhelmed.

For them, grasping fitness seems as difficult as deciphering an Inca quipu ( please note I did not use the enigma ,even that would have been a lay-up.. being German and all)

To end this dilemma, we came up with what we call the 4 3 2 1 formula for your success.

It basically explains fitness in 30 seconds!

Drum roll please!

The Number 4

There are 4 movement patterns: squat, hip hinge, push and pull. You have to cover them twice per week during your workouts.

Here are some practical examples


Barbell, dumbbell, cable, or trap bar squats,

The leg press

All kinds of lunges

Step ups


Hip hinge

Deadlift, good mornings or the glute ham raise,



Think all things chest such as incline, flat, decline presses or flys

Shoulder presses

Triceps press downs


can be divided up in

Vertical pulls: Pulldowns, pullups or pullover,

Horizontal pull: single arm rows with dumbbells cable rows or machine rows

Here is a more comprehensive list

The number 3  

The three macronutrients !

Those would  protein, carbs and fats which you can use to either bulk up or lose weight.

Lose weight

1. gram of protein per lbs bodyweight

1 gram of carbs per lbs of bodyweight

.05 grams fats per lbs of bodyweight

For bulking simply double carbs and fats, leave the protein as is.

The following video gives you a very simple break down

The number 2 

stands for the two ends of each muscle which you must bring together or contract.

That seems logical but is often overlooked. The goal in the gym is not to move weights but to train a muscle. The more muscular work you can the better you will look!

The Number 1 is you!

If you manage 4 3 2, you are on your way to 1 brand new You!

The secret ingredient, you ask?  Consistency. It got Jay from this to that!

See you at the gym!