I Found the Magic Pill!


See this before and after guy? We did this in two weekswhile eating cake because I unlocked…
Let him talk
“This is not my transformation from Jan 2018 to now hahaha. This is my journey so far ever since I started it after stumbling upon Maik’s fb page. So it’s close to 2 years today. Transforming naturally and healthily (trying keep muscle mass as much as possible) can be painstakingly slow and exhausting both mentally and physically, as 98% of these 700 days I have been generally on a caloric deficit. But the changes I see everyday in front of the mirror is very rewarding:) Still a long way to go but I’m glad I’m on this journey!”

Hmmm ok, let’s digest. Good news: It can get done.
Bad news: It will take time.

Basically, there are four  ways I can help you get there.
1. If you live in NYC, come by our gym and we see what can be done.
2. If you prefer 1-1 attention but live far , drop me a note and we will set you
3. If you are thirsty for more knowledge, check out the video library at http://germanbodyprofessor.com/landing-page/
4. join the facebook group Transformation 2018 for some group support, new recipes, and general amusement!
Thanks for reading!