I Found the Magic Pill!

See this before and after guy? We did this in two weekswhile eating cake because I unlocked…
Let him talk
“This is not my transformation from Jan 2018 to now hahaha. This is my journey so far ever since I started it after stumbling upon Maik’s fb page. So it’s close to 2 years today. Transforming naturally and healthily (trying keep muscle mass as much as possible) can be painstakingly slow and exhausting both mentally and physically, as 98% of these 700 days I have been generally on a caloric deficit. But the changes I see everyday in front of the mirror is very rewarding:) Still a long way to go but I’m glad I’m on this journey!”

Hmmm ok, let’s digest. Good news: It can get done.
Bad news: It will take time.

Basically, there are four  ways I can help you get there.
1. If you live in NYC, come by our gym and we see what can be done.
2. If you prefer 1-1 attention but live far , drop me a note and we will set you
3. If you are thirsty for more knowledge, check out the video library.
4. join the facebook group Transformation 2018 for some group support, new recipes, and general amusement!
Thanks for reading!